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Good nutrition is the foundation of good health, yet most people struggle when it comes to eating a healthy diet. At Swan Integrative, we understand how hard it is to change your eating habits. This is exactly why we offer specialized nutrition services with a trained, experienced registered dietitian. Our dietitian, Lisa Shettle, is a master at helping people to eat in a way that feels comfortable, maintainable, and joyful, all while being nutrient-dense and health promoting.

Read more about Lisa here.

Nutrition services are often covered by insurance plans, and we verify nutrition benefits before your visit so you know exactly what is covered. In your visit with Lisa, you’ll discuss your health goals, your current diet, and your challenges. Lisa will also review your medical history with your Swan Integrative healthcare provider and collaborate with her so you get the very best, most comprehensive nutrition plan.

Nutrition services are available to established and new patients at Swan Integrative. To schedule a visit with Lisa, contact us here.

Add-On Nutrition Services offered at Swan Integrative Health and Wellness

Personalized Meal Planning with Lisa Shettle, RD

Want to change your diet to improve your health but don’t know what the heck to eat?

Need help losing weight and wish someone would tell you what to eat? You’re not alone! We often hear patients say, “Can you just tell me what to eat?” Well, sure we can. However, we’d rather teach you how to nourish yourself for a lifetime. We know that takes time, practice, and the right guidance. A customized meal plan can be a good launch pad for long term nutritional success.

Our amazing registered dietitian, Lisa Shettle, can design a personalized, customized meal plan just for you that suits your nutritional and lifestyle needs. She’ll take into consideration your food preferences, physical activity, and health conditions to help you to achieve your individualized goals.

A personalized meal plan can:

  • Reduce stress by providing recipes and shopping lists so you can plan ahead of time
  • Improve your health by facilitating consistency
  • Teach you what foods are best for you
  • Help you to learn what portion sizes are best to support your goals
  • Be cost-effective by sticking to simple ingredients and minimizing eating out
lisa shettle

What do personalized meal plans include?

  • 1-week to 4-week meal plan options, each with customized, easy-to-prepare meals to match your unique needs and goals
  • Nutrition information for each meal, including macronutrients (“macros”), vitamin and mineral content
  • Simple recipes to make preparation a cinch!
  • Shopping lists to help you plan for your meals

How do I get a personalized meal plan?

  1. Meet with Lisa, our dietitian, to receive nutrition guidance and a personalized meal plan. This visit will be billed to your insurance (you are responsible for any copayment or deductible payment*).
  2. Lisa will determine which nutritional approach will help you in achieving your goals.
  3. Lisa will create a customized meal plan based on your health needs,  food preferences, lifestyle, budget, schedule, and more.
  4. You eat delicious, nutritious meals, saving money and time, feeling better than ever.

Why are personalized meal plans successful?

You save time - no more planning out the week’s meals! We’ve done it for you.

You save time with easy-to-follow directions for all cooking levels. That means more time to spend with the people that you love.

You save money with automated grocery lists.

You feel healthier knowing you have a meal plan created by a dietitian nutritionist.

You waste less food when buying the right amounts of perishable foods and consuming proper portions. That’s good for our planet.

How do I get started?

Simply email us here and let us know you’d like to sign up for a personalized meal plan consultation with Lisa!

Why are personalized meal plans successful?

Personalized meal plans are an add-on service. They take a considerable amount of time to create, and we want them to be perfect! The cost of a personalized meal plan is $100 per 7 days of meals (a two week plan would be $200, and so on). This is an addition to the cost of your nutritional consult with Lisa, which will be billed to your insurance plan (and may require a copay or deductible payment).

Pre-Made Meal Plans by Condition or Goals

If you have certain nutritional goals or a particular health condition that may benefit from following a specific meal plan but aren’t quite ready for a personalized meal plan, we have just what you need! These pre-made meal plans are simple, delicious, and customized by condition. Each meal plan provides a week’s worth of healthy recipes along with a comprehensive shopping list and easy-to-follow instructions. The best part is all you have to do is click the plan that you want and it arrives in your inbox in moments. Choose from any of the options below:

  • Autoimmune Paleo (AIP)
  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Improving Arthritis Program
  • Whole Foods Plant-Based Program
  • Plant-Based Immune Support Program
  • Bone Health Support Program
  • Brain Health Support Program
  • Plant-Based Brain Health Support Program
  • Heart Health Program
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Plant-based Mediterranean Diet

  • Menopause Support Program
  • Paleo Diet
  • PCOS Program
  • Low FODMAP Plan
  • Plant-Based Low FODMAP Plan
  • Reflux Reduction Program
  • Skin Health Optimization Program
  • Student Athlete Program
  • Thyroid Health Program
  • (More to come soon!)

Cost: $25 per meal plan


Looking for nutrition inspiration? We have amazing e-recipe books for you to download and enjoy. Each e-recipe book contains 10-20 recipes that are tasty, simple, and nutrient dense. We know you’ll love them:

High Protein Breakfast Recipes – This collection of breakfast recipes provides 20 grams of protein per serving to help you reach your protein needs and promote satiety

Gluten-free Dinners – These easy dinner recipes can all be made with under 5 ingredients and prepared in under 30 minutes

Sugar-free, Dairy-free Desserts – Need we say more? Quench that sweet tooth with these sugar-free options

One Pan Meals - Quick, delicious meals that you can throw together in a jiffy, and only dirty one pan to clean up!

Freezer Meals - More than a dozen meals that you can throw together, then throw in the freezer to use on your busiest nights!

Set It And Forget It Slow Cooker Meals - Who doesn’t love a good slow-cooker meal? This e-cook book provides new ideas for using the old standby.

Lunchbox Meals - All of these recipes are nut-free and kid friendly!

Cost: $19.99 per book

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