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Overwhelmed by Health Information? Join the Club!

In your quest to achieve optimal health, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with what you’re reading from “health experts” online.  There’s conflicting information coming at you from all directions and it’s hard to know who and what to believe to feel your best.   

We get it!  We’re consumers of health and wellness information, just as you are.  Luckily, we have the training, experience, and expertise to sort out the truth from the not-so-true, and we want to share this with you!  If we could, we’d sit down for coffee (or green tea?) with each of you every morning so we could catch up on your health and guide you on your journey.  But since we can’t exactly commit to a daily coffee chat, we’ve developed an exciting way to help you optimize your wellness experience and get evidence-based integrative health information from trusted experts - us!

Introducing the Cygnet Club, the new membership option from Swan Integrative Health and Wellness.  Why is it called the Cygnet Club? Well, you may know that a cygnet is a fluffy duckling which eventually transforms into a graceful, beautiful swan.  We believe that everyone is capable of a beautiful health transformation. Whether it’s improving your blood sugar or cholesterol, healing your gut, reversing your autoimmunity, or balancing your hormones - you have the power!  Having a knowledgeable guide is crucial on any journey, and the Cygnet Club gives you the tools and guidance you need on your own health adventure.  

You’ve probably already invested in other subscriptions or memberships  for their convenience and for access to high-quality information and products.  The Cygnet Club is no different - except the tools that you receive can actually make you healthier, stronger, and more vibrant!

As a member of the Cygnet Club, here’s what you receive:

  • A monthly recipe book and meal plan, chock full of amazing, simple, and healthy recipes 
  • Monthly integrative health science update from one of the Swan Integrative Health and Wellness practitioners
  • Four InBody body composition scans, done at your request (formerly $40 per scan)
  • Steep discounts on supplements purchased through Fullscript (you’ll get a 15% discount, otherwise the site-wide discount drops to 5% as of 3/1/20)
  • Access to Well World, our exciting new health tracking app that allows you to track your nutrition, exercise, meditation, sleep, and other health markers.  This app enables your practitioner to send you meal plans and recipe ideas, and offers additional discounts on supplements  
  • A 10% discount on Dysport and aesthetic services offered at SIHW
  • And more! As the program grows and evolves, we’ll be adding even more bonuses and services. You’ll be locked in to the intro price, even if the price changes down the road.

What Does It Cost?

  • $12/month for single membership
  • $120/year if paid upfront ($24 savings)

    Check out all this value:


    With Membership

    Without Membership

    Potential Savings

    Discount on supplements ordered through Fullscript

    15% discount

    5% discount

    $100+ per year

    InBody Scans

    Four scans per year, FREE

    $40 per scan 

    $160 per year

    Access to Well World app for tracking nutrition, sleep, meditation, and other health markers



    $120 per year

    Monthly meal plan with cookbook of recipes



    $120 per year

    Dysport and other aesthetic services

    10% discount

    Market price

    $100+ per year

    $600+ per year

    Common Questions

    Do I have to be a patient with Swan Integrative Health and Wellness to join the Cygnet Club?

    No!  Anyone is welcome to join, whether or not you are a current or former patient.

    How do I pay for the Cygnet Club membership?

    Click on the “Join the Cygnet Club” button and enter your payment information. Choose how you would like to be billed.  We’ll take it from there.

    Can I use my HSA to pay for this?

    In most cases, yes. It’s always best to check with your HSA administrator to see if membership fees are covered by your HSA.

      How do I renew my membership?

      Your membership will automatically renew one year from when you first joined.  If you paid for the full year up front, you will be billed for another year unless you notify us otherwise.  If you had been paying monthly, you’ll continue to be billed monthly.

      How can I cancel my membership?

      If you decide that the membership isn’t for you, please send a letter in writing asking to terminate.  We’d appreciate hearing why you are terminating, and if you have suggestions for how we can improve our program.  The letter may be mailed to:

      Swan Integrative Health and Wellness
      49 Welles St, Suite 207
      Glastonbury, CT 06033

        49 Welles Street, Suite 207, Glastonbury CT 06033
        P: 860.325.2679  F: 860-316-4064
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