Community Partners & Trusted Colleagues

At Swan Integrative, we're proud to be part of the Greater Hartford community of care. Read about some of our community partners and trusted colleagues.


Higher Med

Higher Med is a health & wellness clinic in downtown Plainville. The team at Higher Med is committed to helping patients optimize their health and manage symptoms of their chronic health conditions. Utilizing a holistic patient-centered approach, Dr. Paulina Miklosz DNP, APRN provides evaluations for medical cannabis certification and offers guidance to help patients reach their treatment goals through the use of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids.

Additionally, Higher Med also offers IV therapy and medical weight loss. IV hydration increases absorption of vitamins and nutrients by delivering them directly into the body via IV. IV therapy has many benefits including immune support, increase in energy levels, rapid recovery following a viral illness or strenuous workout, and more!


Herbal Bones Art & Wellness

Megan Desrosiers of Herbal Bones Art & Wellness is a mystical being who believes that challenges and traumas hold the keys to personal transformation. Through her art, writing, ritual, and healing practices, she supports others in their healing journeys and inspires them to become more comfortable with the continuous cycles of life and death.

Megan's offerings include vibrational essences, seasonal cacao ceremonies, herbal programs, plant spirit connection, palmistry, and entity clearing. She also offers Mind, Body & Spirit Rebalancing, which is rooted in ancient Daoist philosophy and traditions and uses the support of Reiki with the building blocks of the Earth: the stones, minerals, and crystals. The rebalancing integrates and clears energetic imprints or blocks caused by ancestral and past life experiences, as well as patterns learned, or traumas experienced during this lifetime. This work can set you free from what is haunting you, even if you don't know or have the words for what that haunting is.


the therap(e) group

We're Erica Thrall + Erica Rodriguez from the therap(e) group. We are licensed marriage and family therapists currently working with couples, individuals, and teenagers on a variety of issues including relationship issues, life transitions, anxiety, depression and general life stressors. We’re located in downtown Glastonbury, but also continue to offer telehealth to make accessing therapy as easy as possible.

We believe that the client/therapist connection is key to getting you there. And while we are both Ericas, and both licensed marriage and family therapists, our approaches to working with our clients are different. But because of that, we’re able to offer you a balance that gives you a very handpicked, custom therapeutic experience. Our goal is to help you make some shifts, change your outcomes and live the life you want.


Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Centers (PTSMC)

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers of Wethersfield has been providing world-class physical therapy to the Wethersfield community since 2019, earning a reputation as the premier PT clinic in the region.

Partner & Director Kasey Adinolfi and her team of skilled clinicians offer a broad range of services and specializations for all types of musculoskeletal needs and injuries.

Services include:

1-on-1 Physical Assessment • Manual Therapy • Orthopedic & Sports Medicine • Post-op Rehab • Workers' Comp • Vestibular & Balance Therapy • Neck/Back Therapy • Graston Technique • Sprain/Strain Rehab • Blood Flow Restriction • Running & Sports Injuries • TPI Golf Therapy • Concussion Rehab


Body Contour & Spa

Body Contour & Spa has been delivering non-invasive body sculpting and beautiful skin since 2012. Whether you're looking to improve your body appearance or finding solutions to acne, sun damage, and aging skin, they offer many treatments for you to reach your goals. They're passionate about helping you look and feel your best and committed to bringing you the newest technology, services and products that will enhance the health of your skin.

Kim Boldon, Dermatological APRN

Kimberly Boldon is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner. She received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Southern Connecticut State University, graduating Magna Cum Laude and with Honors. She is a member of Sigma Theta Tau, as well as the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Upon graduating from Southern, she continued her training in Dermatology alongside several dermatologists – most notably, renowned dermatologist Dr. Ronald Savin.

Treating medical and cosmetic patients in both the pediatric and adult populations makes her skills versatile and all-encompassing to treat your dermatologic needs. Her true passion is medical missionary work. Kimberly has volunteered in Mozambique and Haiti. Both her and her husband travel to Ecuador annually as part of a team that provides medical care and surgery to individuals free of charge.

Kimberly resides in Cheshire with her husband, Keith Boldon, and their twin daughters, Kya and Kennedy.


Restore Power

Restore Power has developed a program for women who have experienced adverse life experiences, trauma, and suffer from anxiety and depression.  This group focuses on the mind-body connection and includes group counseling, nutrition coaching, group fitness, programmed workouts, and access to FitProCoach. 

Group Therapy:  Group therapy can help normalize feelings related to trauma and stressors.  The groups will focus on identifying and challenging negative or false thought patterns, assist in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression by improving personal relationship skills, and help empower and heal female survivors of violence.  The groups also incorporate mindfulness skills such as meditation, and guided imagery to strengthen the mind-body connection. 

Nutrition Coaching: This group will focus on the basics.  The best way to form a new habit is to start small, with something you can do consistently.  We will focus on getting adequate protein, fruits, veggies and water.  Each week we will discuss a new topic and create action steps to make small, manageable changes in your lifestyle. 

Group Fitness: During our group fitness classes, we will learn proper form and technique for the back squat, deadlift, shoulder press, clean and snatch.  Each class will end with a fun conditioning workout to get your heart rate up.  

Programmed Workouts: You will be provided with two workouts per week to complete on your own.  These workouts will be short, yet effective strength and conditioning workouts.  Utilizing dumbbells, kettlebells, and your own body weight, you can build your fitness with minimal equipment but optimal intensity.

FitProCoach: Utilize this program to track your meals, biofeedback (sleep, hunger recovery, energy, digestion and stress), and how consistently you are meeting your weekly goals.  This program will also have a resource library with everything we will learn over the course of the group. 

At Restore Power we focus on all aspects of deep health to get better wellness outcomes than with therapy or fitness alone.

Emails: Erica | Emy


Cancer Coach Collective

Are you looking to bridge the gap between your medical team and reality? 

Jenni Rai, Physical therapist and certified lymphedema therapist and Paige Woodward, Oncology Nurse Practitioner and functional medicine practitioner have joined forces and created the Cancer Coach Collective to address whole body care for the breast cancer community. 

Why should you join the Cancer Coach Collective?

It is a platform designed to offer a variety of options to fit your lifestyle including live webinars with top notch speakers, office hours with Paige and Jenni, virtual exercise classes, community chat boards, and a library of resources developed and curated by Paige and Jenni.

With over 38 years of combined medical experience in the oncology healthcare field,  Paige and Jenni bring their expertise to you and their goal is to empower you to regain control of your health and well-being.

Learn more at


Dr. Phil Ruggiero

Glastonbury’s newest Chiropractor Dr. Phil Ruggiero started his journey helping people by becoming an EMT in the state of New Jersey in 2004. Since then, he graduated from the University of Hartford with a Bachelor of Health Science. Following undergrad, he graduated from The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. While working as a massage therapist for a busy chiropractic office, Dr. Ruggiero also pursued a career coaching CrossFit for boxes in the area. After several years of balancing Massage Therapy and being a strength and conditioning coach, Dr. Ruggiero accepted a position with a sales team selling shoulder prosthetics to surgeons throughout Connecticut and New York. During his time in sales, he decided Chiropractic care was the best fit for him and enrolled into school full time. Shortly after graduating, he opened PR Chiropractic, operating out of Eliana Day Spa located in Glastonbury.  His whole-body approach to care has been successful in addressing many ailments in an otherwise conventional world. 

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