Swan Wellness Pass

We are so excited to introduce the Swan Wellness Pass (SWP)! The SWP is an awesome way to level-up your health, support your local wellness community, and take advantage of fantastic perks – both in and out of our practice.

What is the SWP?

Remember back in the day when you used to buy and sell community cards as a school fundraiser? The SWP is a similar concept, but reimagined to and amplified to support your health! Holders of the SWP get access to discounts at some amazing community wellness partners (with more being added all the time!) as well as perks and discounts at Swan Integrative. This is all for a low monthly investment which will pay itself back several times over before you know it - and costs less than your streaming services or a couple of lattes!

How does it work?

Within the practice: SWP holders get automatic discounts on in-office services, including:

  • Additional discounts on supplement purchases made through Fullscript (Swan Integrative-associated accounts only - this is in addition to the 10% discount that is already extended to all Swan Integrative patients)
  • Four free InBody body composition tests per year
  • Discounts on Dysport (Botox) treatments and other aesthetic treatments
  • Discounts on injectable vitamins  

    ...and more to come as the program grows and evolves  

    What local businesses are participating? 

    Check out these amazing discounts offered by many of our community partners: 

    What does it cost?

    Our intro price of $19.99/month (or $199.99/year - 2 months free!) is available for a LIMITED TIME to our first 100 SWP card holders. Fees will increase as the SWP evolves and offers more services and discounts.  But - your rate locks in forever if you are in our first 100!

    Here’s a breakdown of the value of the SWP. The number in parentheses represents your average savings per year by taking advantage of all that the SWP has to offer:

    Fullscript Discount 

    Swan Supplements Discount 

    Dysport Discount 

    InBody Scans 

    Injectable Vitamins 

    Online Meal Plans 

    Discount with SWP

    Total discount 15%  



    4 free scans/year 

    25% discount 

    25% discount 

    Estimated minimum savings per year 







    That’s a potential savings of $725 per year!

    Common Questions

    How do I sign up? 

    It’s easy! Email us here and we’ll get you enrolled.   

    What happens next? 

    You’ll receive an email confirming your purchase and explaining all of your perks.

    How will I get my SWP?

    We’ll mail your card directly to your home, or you can come pick it up in the office. Once you receive it, start using it to receive your wellness perks!  

    What is the QR code on the back of the SWP? 

    This code links to a website where we list all of the local businesses who have agreed to partner with the SWP. Check it frequently to see if new businesses have been added! Also – if you present your SWP at a business and someone is confused about what it is, they can scan the QR code to confirm that their business is participating and what discount they are offering. 

      What if I want to cancel? 

      To cancel, email SWP@swanintegrative.com and let us know why you are canceling. You’ll need to return your card to Swan Integrative Health and Wellness and once received we’ll end your recurring payment. If you paid upfront for a year, your purchase is non-refundable but we will not bill you for the next year. 

      Does the SWP automatically renew? 

      Yes, the SWP automatically renews (monthly or yearly, depending on your initial subscription) until you choose to cancel. 

        Or Email SWP@SwanIntegrative.com with the subject line "Sign me up!"
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