Integrative Whole Health Care

You are beautiful and complex, and so is your body! Our holistic approach allows us to connect the dots between your symptoms so that we can find the root cause and guide you to true healing. Our approach to your care starts with an hour-long consultation in which we hold space for you to share your story. Based on what we learn about you, we may order laboratory tests and suggest supplements to enhance your wellness. If medications are needed, we prescribe them, too! We often take "deep dives" into areas like your hormones or gut health using special comprehensive tests. Your visit concludes with an actionable plan to help you take the first steps in your health journey. You leave feeling supported and hopeful.

Your follow up visits are typically 30 minutes long so that we can review your results, check in on your progress, and continue to "peel the layers away" to find your root causes. Although we aren’t “primary care providers” we take care of the wholeness of you, collaborating with specialists, your PCP, and other healthcare providers as needed so that you feel supported and confident in your healthcare team.

Our areas of expertise include hormonal health, thyroid health, weight/nutrition, gentle gynecology, gut health, injectable vitamins, and natural beauty.

Functional Medicine Tests You Can Do At Home
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