• Bloating, cravings, depression, breast tenderness … ugh.  If you or your partner experience these symptoms in the days or weeks leading up to menstruation, you’re not alone. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) affects up to 80% of women, and up to 20% of women report severe symptoms that significantly disrupt life. A subset of these women have symptoms so debilitating that they’ve been given a new diagnosis – premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Drug companies have hopped on board (with decent intentions) to help women who suffer from PMS.  To treat PMS and PMDD, conventional practitioners often prescribe birth control pills, anti-inflammatories, diuretics […]

  • It’s February!  A month devoted to love, passion, and all matters of the heart.  From a physiological perspective, our hearts play a crucial role in sustaining life, but the true “heart” of health resides someplace else, perhaps unexpected – the gut!  Hippocrates knew this long ago when he declared, “All disease starts in the gut.” Twenty-five hundred years later, science is confirming what Hippocrates knew (in his gut) and it’s a fascinating time for science and gut health. Gut basics What is actually meant by “the gut”? Our digestive tract starts in our mouths, travels down our esophagus, into the […]

  • January 10, 2019

    The Problem with Resolutions

    As a new year rolls in, so do all of the pushes and prods to renew your life – change this, detox that, purge something else. Out with your old, broken 2018 life, and in with the new, shiny expectations for 2019! I’m not a New Year’s Resolution hater per se, but I do think that we need to rethink and redesign our sense of resolve. According to some some sources, up to 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February – barely enough time to break in those new running shoes. Yet we start the year with such motivation […]