• One of my favorite things about being a healthcare provider is meeting the significant others of the patients in my practice. I’m grateful and humbled by any personal referral, but when someone entrusts me with the care of their beloved, I’m especially touched. In addition to the honor that this brings to me personally, taking care of couples helps me to understand the health dynamic within a family, and as a result I’m better equipped to help them make healthy changes.   The bulk of my practice is female focused, but I’m trained and experienced in caring for men, too. […]

  • Brandi is a bubbly, successful 34-year-old gallery owner who recently married her college sweetheart, and is hoping to start a family soon.  She’s been reading all the books about preparing for a healthy pregnancy and feels like she’s done her best to improve her diet, add some exercise to her life, and start a prenatal vitamin.  She’d been on birth control pills since her teens, but stopped them a year ago because she was having migraines. Since then, she’s been practicing natural family planning to prevent pregnancy until she’s ready to conceive, but something is missing – her periods.  She’s […]

  • April 5, 2019

    A Day in My Life

    One of the most common questions that I’m asked in the course of a busy day seeing patients is, “so what do you eat?” I understand people’s curiosity. Do I walk my talk? Or am just providing lip service and spending my off-hours on the couch with a sleeve of Oreos and a Diet Coke? (Actually, Kit-Kats and Dr Pepper would be my choices if that was how I rolled).   I spend loads of time dishing out health and wellness recommendations, especially in my initial visits with new patients.  I recommend therapeutic nutritional protocols, supplement options, and lifestyle changes […]