A Natural Approach to Smoothing Lines

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Dysport is a competitor product to Botox. I offer Dysport because it lasts longer, results are seen faster, and I find that it gives a more natural look compared to other options.

Why do we offer Dysport at Swan Integrative? I often get surprised looks when people hear that we do some aesthetics here (and that I give myself my own Dysport injections!). The truth is, there’s no shame in wanting to look your best. The use of products like Dysport has skyrocketed in the past decade, and even more so since the pandemic began (thanks, Zoom!).

A few years back my patients started seeking out these products elsewhere, or asking me about their safety. I got curious, got educated, got trained, and fell in love with the process! Also, I (Amanda) love doing procedures. In my next life, I’ll be a surgeon. I’m a knitter and sewer and I love creating beauty with my hands. The combination of these things led me here.

Med spas are everywhere these days. Most are reputable and have highly trained clinicians, but why go to a stranger when you can see a trusted healthcare provider who knows that you value a natural approach to beauty and life?

If you’ve been curious about softening life’s lines while still looking like YOU, Dysport may be a good option.⁠ I offer Dysport with the same level of care and trust all my patients expect. ⁠I know you want to look refreshed, not frozen!⁠

I’m excited to offer $50 off of Dysport treatment for any new Dysport client who reaches out to schedule their visit before February 1, 2023!⁠

Refer a friend and you get an additional $50 off of your first treatment ($100 off total), and your friend gets $50 off their first treatment, too.⁠

🚨This is a limited time offer for the first FIVE people who reach out🚨 ⁠
Email us at beauty@swanintegrative.com to schedule.⁠

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