COVID-19 Update: Your Health and Safety is Our Priority

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To our valued patients: Swan Integrative Health and Wellness will remain open during this time of confusion with COVID-19. Both Amanda and Michelle will continue to see patients in the Glastonbury and New Haven offices until further notice. Please read the following notice carefully so you know how we plan to proceed with daily operations to keep you safe and supported: All currently scheduled in-office visits are still on. We are still scheduling follow-up visits for the immediate future. You can book these through the portal or call to speak with Becca for assistance. We are actively researching insurance reimbursement for telemedicine (virtual visits).  We are hopeful that …

Soups to Warm Your Soul

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Soups to Warm Your Soul Baby, it’s cold outside! What’s more comforting than a nutritious and nourishing soup in the winter months? Sign up to download 42 soup recipes for free!

Slow Cooker Recipes

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Slow Cooker Recipes Looking for healthy and delicious meals you can easily make in your slow cooker? I’ve got you covered! Sign up to download my FREE Slow Cooker Recipes Cookbook today!

3-2-1 Smoothie Cookbook

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3-2-1 Smoothie Cookbook A nutrient-dense smoothie can be an awesome way to start your day. In this cookbook you’ll find seven recipes for nutritional powerhouse smoothies. Have fun playing with these smoothie ideas and creating delicious combos of your own! Sign up to download my FREE 3-2-1 Smoothie Cookbook today!

Perfect Summer Meal

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Perfect Summer Meal Looking for the perfect healthy summer meal, appetizer and dessert included? Look no further! Enjoy this nutrient dense, delicious combo of flavors and seasonal fruits and veggies! Sign up to download my FREE Perfect Summer Meal today!

7-Day PCOS Meal Plan

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Help heal PCOS I’ve created a 7-day PCOS meal plan that’s designed to address common concerns of women struggling with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – insulin resistance, hormone imbalances, and weight challenges. It includes a full week’s worth of healthy, hormone balancing meals and snacks so you can see just how healthy and delicious life can be. Sign up to download my FREE PCOS Plan today!